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IPBoard File Permissions - 777?

Simon Harvey

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Today I updated to v4.1.17 without any problems.

I notice however that there are many files on the server (within the IPBoard installation) that have file permissions set to 777

There are over 1500 files set like this.

I won't list every file!, nut as well as the uploads directory almost every file (not directory) within the theme folder is set to 777

Is this how they are supposed to be configured?

Is there a way to fix file permissions if not?




PS - may not be related to the version upgrade, just coincidentally I was browsing the files today and noticed it.

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Also, this is a development site using designer mode.  Designer mode is disabled however the files still show 777 permissions.  Is this how they are supposed to be?  Should I delete the themes directory when the site goes live?

Sorry if this is a silly question - I am new to IPB so just figuring out a few things.

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