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In my site by default search type is 'All Content'. But if i try to search member's name, then i see 0 results. And if I select 'members' type of serach - i can found him. Why 'All content' type of search is not include member name search? It's strange logic fou our users. Fast search input with select all content must search in all content (members too).


Here is search with selected 'All Content' and my nickname:


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1 minute ago, Adriano Faria said:

For sure it's not a "bug". It is like it was on IP.Board 3. If you're on a specific area and use search then you got results for that specific area as default... and that's right.

But.. I am select 'All Content'. As i think - this must be search in all content type... So.. Users is not 'content'? It is little strange for our users understanding. If they see several types and 'All' variant - they think about all from list.

Thanks for your reply)

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On 12/9/2016 at 9:24 AM, Nathan Explosion said:

It comes down to what content is - "All content" means "all things that have been submitted as content in the forums/pages/gallery etc"

Members are not content items, are they?

no but content submitted from said member SHOULD be included in the search and as of now it is not.

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