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Adding Commerce app to existing install?

Greg K.

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So we're upgrading our site from 3.4.6 to IPS 4.1.17, I've done the upgrade on a test site and it's mostly gone ok, however we want to add Commerce to the new site but didn't have IP.Nexus before.

So we've purchased it, Nexus shows under the license in ACP but how can we install the app? The application files and database tables all look to be there as part of the suite install but it doesn't show as an available application.

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As the suite is fully integrated now, you would download the full software package from the Client Area and upload all its files to your site, overwriting when prompted.

Then visit the admin panel URL (but don't login just yet).

If an overall upgrade is pending, there will be text saying so when you get to the ACP login screen. Make sure you perform the upgrade first, if so prompted.

If no upgrade was prompted, or if you've already done it and come back to the ACP login page, login and go to the Applications page. Your new app(s) will be shown on the lower-right with a link to install.

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