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Contact form with attachments?


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I want people to let me send pictures and PDFs with the contact form. It that possible out of the box?

Since there is no attachment option in the editor of the contact form, I set up an attachment field as custom support field, but …

  • when routing the general contact form to a support ticket, the custom support fields are not picked up. 
  • when linking the support form directly from the menu manager, it is not accessible for guests, but I would need that. 

So is that the way it is or is there a simple solution I overlooked?

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Attachments files and images associated with ID member. In table core_attachments, has a column attach_member_id . If you invent a virtual ID for all guests, such example  ID 999999, the function of attachments for guests might work.

This of course is only a hypothesis.;)

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