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Downloads application - Add file to multiple categories?

Danny Glover

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I seem to be missing something here, or there is a big missing feature.
When uploading a file, you can chose what category it belongs in. However, what if a download belongs in two categories?

Do I still have to upload and maintain two instances of the same files just because you can't seem to add the same file to multiple categories?

I really hope i'm overlooking something here.


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Not possible.

I do, however, like the idea of having a 'virtual link' to the file listed in other categories.  If you think this is a worthwhile suggestion, you should post to Product Feedback.

In the meantime:

  • Try to better delineate your categories so there isn't any overlap, and each file can sensibly be located within a unique category 
  • Make use of tagging, which can help describe and find similar content
  • Upload your file to another service (such as your own OwnCloud instance), and use 'link from URL' to attach a file to both categories without uploading twice 
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