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IPS4 Converters 4.1.9 - phpmyforum


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I changed two years ago from the software phpmyforum to IPBoard. Currently, I am running version 3.4.7 (with all security patches) and I have installed in a closed area a test version with IPBoard

Now I have, when I made the conversion of phpmyforum to IPB, also old URLs. In the converter for 3.4.x -> https://invisionpower.com/files/file/4715-ips-converters-ipboard-34x/ 

is also a topic.php, board.php, profile.php, config.php contain. If I now have an old URL of the old forum, which is still hundreds / thousands of times linked (also from other websites), as

e.g. www.polar-chat.de/topic.php?id=106803&page=2

this is forwarded.

But  these old URLs also not be forwarded when I completely update to version thats my problem.

My forum has over 2 million topics and more than 30.000 members. It would be very important to me, even if the phpmyforum itself no longer exists. The developer has given it up.

I contacted the support team and Jim gave the advice to suggest it here.

Thanks in advance


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