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[Need urgent assistance] Text areas have become corrupted

Danny Glover

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I think this was after installing an application, see below:

Now all my text fields in the admin cp and some areas of the site are now invisible, and only the file upload box remains. At least that's what it looks like. On both the default theme and my own themes.

As you can see in the screenshot below, the "About this file" text field has turned into a file upload area. This happens on both the default theme and my custom theme.

Aside from reinstalling IP.Board, does anyone have any suggestions on where I can revert/fix this bug?

Thanks so much

PS: I have all my plugins disabled.



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7 hours ago, MADMAN32395 said:

Restore from backup. Cant stress it enough, when installing or updating anything with IPS or 3rd party Addons. 

Don't have one, unfortunately. Hoping this has happened to someone else who recalls how they fixed it.

I guess worst case scenario I could backup the database then re-import the forum topics and settings tables. Probably prone to error though

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7 hours ago, Joy Rex said:

Seems a bit extreme to nuke it and start over - from what it sounds like, it might have just been a caching issue.

Unfortunately it wasn't. Ruled out all the obvious stuff.

My community wasn't live yet, so it wasn't the end of the world, thankfully.

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ANY time before you perform an IPS upgrade, back up.
ANY time you upgrade add-ons, back up.
ANY time before installing a new add-on, back up.
ANY time more than 24 hours has passed, back up.

AND these back ups need to be both of the DB AND the forum structure.

I think you got the point earlier, but just wanted to emphasize it again. ;)

If you are on shared hosting, it's a pain, but if you are on a VPS or a dedicated server, a simple script will perform it for you.

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