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Moderation action not possible


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Just now, Square Wheels said:

Can moderators edit topics?


And I have just tried with another fresh topic, and then split it with moderator account and it is working.

But there is still the problem with a few splitted topics  I am trying to undestand why

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I think there was a problem editing titles in some of the older versions - but I don't remember when.
Maybe stored in a file error in the your 'datastore' directory.
In this directory, you can delete all files - IPS software will automatically record everything again. Try it.

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Now I know why this problem occurs on some topics : 

I looked at the ips_forums_posts table.
The topic with the problem hasn't got any message with the column "new post"  = 1

If I do the same to a test topic, it has the same problem then.

But how a topic can be broken like this (no new post set to 1 in any of its messages) ? Sure after moderations actions, but I don't know which ones.

Waiting for a better solution, I am going to repair the problems topics.

Thank you for your help

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