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Hundreds of items in approval queue - can I approve all?


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This topic is old, so I supposed you found a workaround inbetween, but just in case (for you or other people who may pass by, since it was my case and I figured out by myself in absence of an answer).

About the why: the thing is, IPS4 now distinguishes between unapproved content (posts that were sent to forums that admins tuned as "posts must be approved" in the ACP) and hidden posts (posts that first appeared on the forum, then were masked by a moderator). During the IPB3->IPS4 upgrade you may have noticed the large number of SQL requests concerning this approval queue (if you run a self hosted install): it was a creation of fields for this and extracting information to decide whether a hidden post was to enter the approval queue or not. If you had a lot of posts detected as unapproved rather than hidden, now they are in the approval queue.

Now for the how: either you treat them from the approval queue and click 934 on the appropriate action. Or, you have decided you wanted to apply the same decision to all without checking, and then you can write an SQL query to alter the tables. This, of course, implies: self-hosting and access to your SQL database, performing a careful backup before operating (always backup before altering the SQL database!), and the skills to write down the proper queries. Alternatively, you may ask IPS support to do that for you! My advice would be to transform all unapproved content into hidden content, then use the "hidden content" topic list look and feel and batch processing available in the ModCP to decide whether you want to unhide or delete all of this (much handier than one-by-one processing from the approval queue when it's so full.)

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