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Content filtering and the ignore function?


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I want to share something i think this software needs for anyone that used it to host a community! To best explain what my filtering idea is i am going to share a quote with you that states my beliefs.


Gab takes a different approach to censorship. While it will remove content that violates the law, its main approach is to put filtering into the hands of users. If someone doesn’t like content from certain people or websites, or want to avoid specific keywords, they can tell Gab to simply not show them that content. With this approach, Sanduja said, “We’re actually following the beliefs of the non-aggressive principles.”

Sanduja said their stance is simple: “Morality is subjective.”

“Everybody’s morality is different from each other,” he said.

“You’ve heard the saying, live and let live. If you’ve got a problem, you can censor it yourself. We’re not going to do that for you. We’re not going to be the moral police.”


I am wondering if something like this could be used in addition to the ignore functions to create filters.

This would put the power of content back in the hands of the user, lessen the load on admins and create a nicer atmosphere that will help forums become more flexible to a their userbase and please these many different types of people.

Self censorship is the only good kind of censorship.

I am wondering if anyone else would be interested in seeing this and if its even technically possible or if it would be too resource hungry!

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