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Storage Settings (attachments and pictures)


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1 hour ago, Rickard said:

Hello, is it possible to change the attachment file and the source of the images, to guide the cloud, for example. Google Drive?

If you're an Administrator, you can change the file storage settings in the Admin Control Panel.  

ACP > System > Files > Storage Settings.

You will need to configure your storage settings in advance, such as Amazon S3 or S3 Compatible.  IPS does not support integration with Google Drive or Microsoft Azure.

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14 minutes ago, Riksa said:

Hey, thanks for the reply. Is Amazon S3 expensive to keep this platform in use, because the intention would be to control the attachments and images what the forum is placed.

Amazon S3 prices are highly comparable with Google Drive and Amazon Azure, and the Amazon Web Services platform has been around for the longest.  Most IPS v4 websites that are content heavy will eventually need to shift their storage to S3, since S3 storage is far cheaper than trying to save onto your own server.  However, if you just have a trivial amount of images, then it may not make a difference to your overall cost.  You really need to compute your own storage costs based upon your own unique situation.  For myself, I've shifted over 100 GB of images, attachments, and files to S3.  

You control what files you want to save on your server and what you want to save on S3, so it's not an "all or nothing."  For example, you can save avatars on your own server but save image attachments to S3.  

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