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[Leaderboard] Popular Content show author avatar

Joel R

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Suggestion for Leaderboard

In the popular content block at the bottom of the Leaderboard top, suggestion to show the author's avatar of the content item.  

You currently show the avatar from most recent member to like the content item, but I think that's kind of misleading when placed next to the content's title.

(On another note, I think when you click on the heart icon with the number of likes, it should show you who liked the post.  Otherwise, it's pretty but functionally useless.)

Leaderboard popular content.JPG

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I am finding the leaderboard to be missing status. It's all good and dandy to see who the top people are but I want to know how close they are and how close I AM in comparison.

Random names of people doesn't do anything for me... I need stats. For example when I click on the filter to sort by status replies I want to see how many status replies the individual leaders actually have. (and be able to compare to myself)

  • Want to filter by likes
  • Want to see status for the leaders based on the current measure of their leadership (some kind of score)
  • should see more of the leaders content below not random other stuff.
  • [BUG] Filter disappears if there are not leaders leaving no way to move to a different filter. (see screen shot)

This is all of my feedback for now. Thanks for working on exciting new things :)

status replies.JPG

no drop down.JPG

also I am a little confused between leaders vs top members.

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1 hour ago, superj707 said:

also I am a little confused between leaders vs top members.

Me too. Leaderboard lists only staff? Is that the difference?

Another weird thing is the link to the item itself. If the reputation is for the post, in a topic, the main link goes to the first post of the topic and not the post with the likes:


You need to click in the date to go to the post, which is the main information here, since the likes belongs to the post, not to the topic.

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