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Hi :)

Invision Power is the best forums ever, I am happy with the support I've been given and the quality of the product and I am proud to be a member of this community.

I recommend adding a feature where you have to enter a minimum amount of characters before your post is allowed to stop low quality posts.

Also, this has proven to stop low quality posts on 100's of forums so don't argue with me saying it is pointless, it may be pointless for your forum but good for a lot of forums.


MyBB example:



Kind regards,


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Instead of resorting to "software" engineering to solve this issue I would recommend that you engage your community in a little "social" engineering instead.  Encourage them to communicate more eloquently and express something "meaningful" each time they comment.  You might consider reaching out to a handful of members that show a natural talent for communication and work with them to come up with an innovative approach to engaging your entire community around addressing this issue.

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