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1 hour ago, sweethoney said:

because what i want to do ipb4 cant do it dont  not have the tags i need for posting and i dont need the support with that because i have my son that do coding for me and i have all the free hooks save that every one is in need of

while I do not doubt your son's programming skills, there would probably be spots where there is nothing he can do about it. 

what in IPB4 are you looking for? maybe its there, but you're not finding it? maybe its something on the feature todo list? maybe its something that someone can develop a plugin for you... but ipb3 is eventually (and not later) gonna run into security issues.  Think of windows xp... everyone loved it but had to upgrade due to security (and features on the new os).

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my website is in testing and i need adults Media Tag -  i have everything i need for ipb 3.4....ipb4 do not have these and you cant just post into the forums and it will show up...and i have the hooks for Media_Tag_1.0.1 for ip4 but when i try to copy the tags they dont work... security issues i have to work on that when that comes into play....

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