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Background Changes (Forum Headers)


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Okay so I have several theme headers that I need to change. (my theme is Titan) I would like to use my own background image for them. Also if you could give me the correct size of the headers so I'll use them correctly when creating them on Photoshop. I posted the type of headers that I would need to work on. Thanks in advance! 

blog header background.png

topics header background.png

forum header background.png

post header backgrounds.png


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17 minutes ago, sweethoney said:

you can take your mouse and right click for image back round that is how i do it works for me..

but you can find it in your uploads set_resources on your host if this helps

Yeah I know how to do that. But I'm speaking about the coding aspects of uploading my own header backgrounds. I need somebody who's experienced to help me with giving me the correct codes. 

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