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Support topic for:  Pages SuperGrid is a set of Pages templates and a complete solution to make your Pages databases (with articles, directories and so on) appealing and engaging.  What’s n

I am happy to announce SuperGrid 2.0 with these changes: New SuperGrid Plugin. No more copy and paste and editing settings in 5 different templates. All templates were recreated so all settings

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7 minutes ago, ibaker said:

Not sure why, maybe a setting somewhere, but using in v4.5 the images are not centered or resized:

It means the plugin CSS isn’t working at all. 

  1. Make sure the plugin is turned on. 
  2. Remove everything from custom.css and try again. If it starts working then, you have problematic code in your custom.css. 
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I am having similar issue as the user above. The images do not look correct and neither does the look of the pages 





I have tried removing the plugin and the templates and reinstalling them, but still the same result. Anything i can try to resolve this.


Thank you!

steve k.

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I use Supergrid Frontpage on several databases on my site however I have one database called Classifieds that needs a slight change to the Supergrid Frontpage template. So I created a new database Template for Featured Records (index and entry templates) and  called it Classifieds_Frontpage.

I then assigned Classifieds_Frontpage to the database. I copied the contents of the index and entry templates from Supergrid Frontpage to Classifieds_Frontpage. Basically duplicating Supergrid Frontpage so I could make my changes in Classifieds_Frontpage for the Classifieds database.

However, the database, even though it has Classifieds_Frontpage selected in the Homepage Options, it displays Supergrid Frontpage.

I did this with Supergrid Listing to get a different category display and it worked perfectly but the same process with Supergrid Frontpage doesn't work.

How can I have 2 versions of Supergrid Frontpage assigned to different databases?

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1 hour ago, ibaker said:

How can I have 2 versions of Supergrid Frontpage assigned to different databases?

Not sure where you went wrong, but the process should definitely work as described. You can copy the template and customize them. There is also nothing special about the front page vs. other templates. 

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