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Creating an IPB site online and then transfer to intranet?

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Hello O'great allknowing IPB'ers!

I am planning to create a site, including forum, IPcontent and so on..., on my private webhotel. When I'm finished I want to transfer all this to my Company that i work for, on its internal web.server. That is, "offline" and behind a firewall and only accessible through VPN or if one is logged in to that internal server.

I want to do this when the layout and all the neccesary AddOns, Blocks and other content is ready for sensitive input. Reason for this is Security. All content will be for internal use for better organizing our work and knowledgebase.


My question is, to sum up:

Is this transfer possible?

Is there any restriction or things that must be in place for the internal web for this to work properly?


I am not an expert, but I have installed , created and administered two different IPB-sites in my past.

Thanks for any constructive replys, I will follow this thread as often as I can.




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