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How can I setup a cookieless domain?

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A cookie is attached to a domain.

If you are serving your assets(.css, .js etc.) over the same domain, it sends the cookie with the HTTP request which is a waste of bandwith.

What you can do is setup an alias domain, and point it towards the same forums, so your forums are accessable from both domains.
Then goto IPB -> General Configuration -> Storage Configuration

"Use custom url" - FIll in your alias domain for your forums

so instead of requesting mydomain.com/plugin.js, it will request alias.mydomain.com/plugin.js
Which will serve the same file, but from a different domain.

A CDN will also do the trick


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3 hours ago, yacenty said:

What can we achive with such a trick?



what about pictures from our gallery? can we do something like img.domain.com/ and put our gallery images from this subdomain?

To get best results you'd want to serve all resources  (images, JS and CSS) from a cookieless domain. Can see all options of items possible to change in ACP > System > Files > Storage Settings > Configuration 

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