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Inconsistent documentation


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I am having a hard time getting into IPB development. I am interessted in customizing easy little things for my forum, but I experienced that you are having hard times with maintaining the documentation. As business owner I know it is effort to maintain and support developers, however this is something what you also profit from. So please make sure there is just one superior documentation which is easy to find for everyone. When I was looking for the documentation, I expected to find a link to the documentation in the development gateway forum section.


I found three different documentations for developing IPB stuff:

1. https://invisionpower.com/4docs/

2. https://invisionpower.com/4guides/

3. https://invisionpower.com/developers/

(4. And to some extent the pinned topics here: https://invisionpower.com/forums/forum/238-development-assistance/ ).

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