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IPB4 POP3 SMTP Question


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Let me start off by saying, I don't know exactly what my problem is!


So I can't get my head around the pop3 and smtp service on the IPB4, I mean I set it up, it works as it should BUT what I don't get or what I would like to understand is, lets say my site domain is "great.com" and the smtp is set to "vlad@great.com", the MX records are set up for IPB for that domain and I also have the ".co.uk" of the same domain Which the email doesn't work because the domains mx record is set up to run smtp on the ".com" (*) and when I try set up the email for the ".co.uk" I'm faced with a MX error "this can't be setup as the MX records are controlled by another app" etc.

(*) PS this is where I get lost so please go easy on me and try read between the lines


What had happened:


I set up an account online else where (lets say ebay) which uses the ".co.uk" and after that I set up the MX SMTP on the ".com" ( i hope I'm explaining right ) for IPB4, I can't receive emails to the ".co.uk" because the MX records are controlled by IPB and not my email hosting company now.


What I need to achieve here:

I'm locked out of the account (lets say ebay) and need to receive an email to the ".co.uk" to reset my password but I'm unable to do that because of the MX error (which states I can't create an .co.uk account due to the MX records being controlled by my IPB4) and I don't want to undo what I've done.


Can I some how fix this or does IPB let me email my website and it redirects the emails or what?? lol I'm con fuddled and it's hurting even thinking about that I've typed here.

Ok, I know you're all busy so if you can just point me in the right direction etc I would be EVER SO GREATFULL !!


Thanks for taking a moment to read my noise :) 





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