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Quote in a Quote


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Okay so this has been really annoying me for some time now, in v4+ they changed the way quotes work, if you quote a post that has a quote in the original quote will not be shown hence making the new post make no sense as it appears they are talking to themselves or you can't see the context of the post.

This has never been like this in any of the previous versions and i would love to be able to change this, so i ask.

Is this possible?

If so, is there an add-on or will i have to make edits myself?




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37 minutes ago, The.Reaper said:


39 minutes ago, Simon Woods said:

Found an explanation here: 


Thanks for the reply, he says there is a way to manually nest them but i have been unable to find this method.

To do this I quoted your post, then placed my cursor at the beginning of "Thanks" and then selected the 'Quote' button on my last post.

... and then came back into this post and moved my quoted post around to create some spacing to tidy it up.

I would assume this also works if you multi-quote. Once you have the quotes in the editor they can be dragged around to wherever you want them to be.

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Honestly it seems a lengthy process that way and something i wouldn't expect my members to do every time they want to quote someones quoted post, i obviously misinterpreted what he said in his post, by manually he means manually add and move them not manually edit something that makes it happen automatically.

This really upsets me as it's been a constant complaint i have had from my members ever since the change, hopefully an option will be added that will allow for this to happen or i will have to look for someone with programming knowledge to come up with a solution for me.

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