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On 9/10/2017 at 2:41 PM, Fosters said:

This app creates a page with all of your partners and sponsors for your users to browse.  The page can have a normal sidebar.  

If you need a widget block to appear on certain pages, then I invite you to check out:

Where you can customize blocks to appear on certain IP.Pages pages or IP.Board topics

@Fosters Does this partners sponsors page app require that i have the pages add on installed ? Or can it create a page on it's own? 

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Partner Page by @Fosters is the easiest way to present your partners or sponsors.  It adds a new partner page, which lists all of your partners.  Here are some advanced tips to get the most out of your Partner Page.

1.  What size for banner?

The sizes for banners are entirely up to you, as an admin.  You control the uploading through the ACP

Nevertheless, we do recommend that your partners use "Facebook Cover" size.  This is the same standard used on Facebook covers, and is 850 x 315 pixels.  Text will appear underneath the image.

The banner images will display beautifully across all device sizes.  


Desktop view



Mobile view

2.  How to track conversions?

The application comes with basic tracking of the number of hits.  In the ACP,  you can see the number of views (or 'hits') on each link.  This simple metric can help you understand the effectiveness of one partner's advertising over another, and inform your partners of the number of visitors sent to their website.  

As a recommendation, we encourage you to change-up your partners on a consistent timeframe, so you'll be able to start seeing seasonal trends and variations.  


The application includes the number of views per sponsor.

3.  I want more!

Awesome!  We're excited that you want to integrate your Partner Page and streamline your advertising workflow.  Here are some advanced ways that you can integrate with other applications:

  • IP.Commerce -- Partner Page by @Fosters does not include a way to buy spots.  However, you can sell a package in IP.Commerce.  This gives you the advanced controls of IP.Commerce such as upgrading packages, discounts, inventory limits, and support.  In your package settings, direct your buyers to an instructions page (that you've previously created) on how to send you the needed information.  Only admins can fill in the Partner Page via ACP, which allows you to moderate and pre-screen all submissions.
  • Application Forms -- Use our Application Forms (available in the IPS Marketplace) to build a custom submission form for partners to submit their image, URL, and description.  Although this doesn't directly integrate into Partner Page, it gives a fancy way for users to uniformly submit their partner information.  You can also use the features of Application Forms to add detailed instructions, require certain information, and allow Moderators to manage submissions.  
  • Clubs -- Want to add partners for Clubs?  We have you covered with a separate - but equal - application called Club Sponsors (available in the IPS Marketplace).  It's the same exact thing, but designed for the new Clubs feature in Invision Community and works just as beautifully!  
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On 12/28/2016 at 12:59 PM, Stefan Johansson_72643 said:

Another suggestion: even though the info-text about the partner is marked as "left-aligned", all text is now centered. For example, if one inserts a bulleted list where the text  have different lengths (nb of characters), it looks a bit strange.

So, my suggestion is, that the logo and text is not centered but just left-aligned. Maybe others would prefer the layout the current way and one could choose in a setting between centered or left-aligned for each partner.

Edited December 28, 2016 by Stefan Johansson_72643

It's the same problem as this guy is having

all the text is centered and we need it left aligned aswell

I have removed text for the moment as it looks bad so can't send a screenshot

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I'm running "Partner / Sponsor System 1.1.0" on Invision Community v4.6.12.1.
When trying to a add a new sponsor I'll get the following error


2S119/1 The CSRF protection key did not match. This may indicate a plugin or theme is out of date. Please contact technical support for more information.

The marketplace offers "Partner Page 2.1.1" Is this the successor?
But even this is not compatible with Invision 4.6


Any ideas?


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