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Transfer to other domain from one


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I have 2 domains with the isp4 installed. But one of them have more content added.

How I can transfer to other from one have more content?

I trying use phpmyadmin to do that, only export the database, and then import tha database to other domain account(phpmyadmin) but alway appear errors and nothing, someone can tell me what exactly I can do that?

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To copy one installation of IP.Board to another machine one must make a backup of the contents of the www / public_html folder and one of the database.

Compress files: tar -zcvf backup.tar.gz directory
Export database: mysqldump -u username -p database > backup.sql

Then on the other machine

Uncompress files: tar -zxvf backup.tar.gz
Import database: mysql -u username -p database < backup.sql

Don't forget to update conf_global.php's mysql variables and the domain in the ACP.

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Its not does matter diferente www server and database server, license and test license?

2 situations:

1. Ips installed on VPS with Apache+MySQL+PHP7, but I want to move it to other instance of cloud with Nginx+MariaDB+PHP7-FPM. But will use the same domain.

2. Ips installed on VPS with Apache+MySQL+PHP7, with domainA. I need move it to other domainB but with the same VPS configuration, and how about the license?

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If you're not going backwards in versions you shouldn't have any problems while transferring your database. MariaDB is compatible with MySQL (it's better than MySQL) and it's the same PHP version so there shouldn't be any problem there too. Test license is for localhost only as far as I'm aware so you can't go public with that as it won't work.

1. Should be the same thing after you've configured the services. Move your files and database to the other machine and then reconfigure your DNS settings of your domain to point to the newer machine.

2. On Client Area find "Licensed URLs" (it's above the License Key). You should see your current URL there.
Click on change Licensed URL and change it to your new domain.
Then configure the DNS settings of your new domain to point to your machine.
If you use File System datastore don't forget to update it to datastore's new path, same goes for upload paths if you're using custom ones.Screenshot_66.jpg

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Thanks @AnnieLeonheart

After some steps, try connect and appear 

An error occurred (500 Error)

I did it like above steps:

1. Make a backup of mysql database and export. xxx.sql file. and put it on the root directory of new machine.

2. Copy all directory contents of old site to the directory of new machine(Nginx, MariaDB PHP7 installed).

3. Modify conf_global.php.

4. Use MySQL command import the xxx.sql, when I check with SHOW databases, appear the database.(that mean correctly job done?)

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