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Remove Old Renewing Packages from All Purchasers


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How do I clear the slate on an renewing package we used to use for annual dues (which must be paid during a certain time of year).

Our club's first attempt at using Commerce (nexus at the time) for dues went reasonably well but we made a miscalculation: we set the package up to renew annually.  That turned out to be a mistake because the next year some members just purchased another Dues package earlier than their renewal invoice was generated. Then the automated reminder panics them that either they are being charged twice or that somehow their most recent purchase didn't take.

I originally allowed only one package per user to prevent this but that drew immediate complaints because it prevented couples from letting one member renew for their spouse with a single transaction, some family members don't or won't use the web site for anything, etc.

So I changed the package to allow multiples and not renew and for most members this is working well now - when we send out our annual snail-mail dues reminder they can send a check or log on and renew for themselves or their family or whatever.  Yay. 

However when I changed the package I was asked whether to apply changes to ALL purchases or only future purchases. I believe now I should have chosen ALL but I compounded my mistake by choosing future only. I  feared automated emails to members if I canceled something - I had never used that option before and did not really know how it plays out in practice. So now each year the members who had the original package pay their dues along with everyone else using the current package, but then along comes a zombie renewal from the initial package telling them a new invoice has been generated on the anniversary of whenever they first paid dues using the original package.

How do I slay the old zombie packages for anyone who purchased one without generating any emails to anyone?

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