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@Adriano Faria firstly, great plugin! I have only one question. Is there any option to show images that are attached to the questions on the result page with correct answers?

I made a quiz like this "What is on the picture below"(15 question like this with different attachments). Right now, the view with correct answers on the end of such quiz is useless in that case, because users don't have access to attached images. Is there any option like "Click to show image from this question"?

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16 hours ago, SC36DC said:

I am not sure if this has been requested already, but is it possible to add as a Quiz type, the ability to have True or False quizzes? This would be incredible.

Thank you.


5 hours ago, DamonT said:

Can't you just made a "one right answer" quiz with two answers (true/false)?

That’s what you should do: 2 answers per quiz. TRUR or FALSE.

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8 hours ago, Adriano Faria said:
9 hours ago, Claudia999 said:

Different feedback text would be fine. With different grades.

You mean a feedback for one right answer and another to multiple right answers?

Maybe different feedback text and levels (%) per quiz?

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16 minutes ago, Adriano Faria said:

It is already too boring to create a quiz, add questions, add answers, etc. Feedback won't be in public side.

But it would be extremely useful feature when quizzes are made by forum staff (and we want to use it for something "bigger" than just funny quizzes). Current feedback option is nice but it is quite simple. It could be optional 😉

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