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Adriano Faria

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6 hours ago, Himadri Goswami said:

I hope, these will be just options, not a default feature. We are running it for doctors :) . the day it becomes for kidz...God know what will happen

That's a very narrow minded out look... Such features should and will apply to all ages. However, it will indeed be a very welcomed feature that will have a lot of outcomes :rofl:

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1 hour ago, 2dub said:

Would there be a way to use this similar to a LMS (Learning management system) where you have several repetitions of:

  • Ungraded pre-test
  • Content
  • Quiz

Then a final test (maybe the score weighted more)

All the quiz and test grades accumulate to a overall score?

Not currently. A overhaul will come soon but this is not a LMS; the way you want, Quiz must be part of the whole LMS, not a separated app like this.

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Hello, I was surprised the first time i set up and ran the quiz, how little area is dedicated to the quiz itself compared to the animated countdown. I find it very disturbing, it is quite difficult to focus on the questions and answers if there are the huge animated digits blinking over 70% of the page. Is it something that could be optimized please.


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  • 2 weeks later...


We have moved our forum from a sub folder to domain root

Everything is working ok apart from the image associated with the quizzes

If you look at this broken image url for example you will see the url is still pointing to the old location


Any ideas what we have missed?

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3 minutes ago, Adriano Faria said:

You need to change the location of all images (not only for Quizzes app) in your ACP -> System -> Files -> Storage Settings. 

Thats the weird thing

everything is pointing to the correct /uploads/ folder in root

not /chat/uploads/ which would have been the previous location

all images are fine in gallery and forums

only quiz images are effected

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