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(iOS/Safari) IPS community forum is completely broken.


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I thought it would only be a temporary thing, but this has been going on since yesterday. I use Safari on iOS for many reasons, and will not switch my browser. I did check Firefox (that is how I am posting on here) and it works.





That would be these forums, obviously. Anyways, I went ahead and checked my board I just created in mobile on both browsers and while the results are not similar, Safari on iOS is broken as images don't load. The image with the sign in image is Firefox, the image without the sign in image loading is Safari. 



Really weird issue if you ask me. Id love to see this fixed somehow. I and my friends are mainly on iOS and use Safari all of the time. 

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I use Desktop/mobile Safari 99% of the time on several IPS sites, including this one. There aren’t any general problems like this. You might just have faulty data in browser cache. Try clearing it. 

To test your own installation you showed, you would need to provide a link and not obfuscate it. That would help. ;-)

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