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Uploading photos from a cell phone


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Can you upload a larger image in a thread post?  If not, then it's most likely a server limitation that is in place - usually the upload_max_filesize and post_max_size settings need to be set/increased in php.ini.  If you can upload larger ones in a post, then it most likely it's a size limitation that you have in place for their user group.  I'm not sure exactly how IPS enforces smaller limitations that may be in secondary groups since you can't assign priorities to the groups.  I would assume (and you know what happens when one does that) that the larger file size setting would be the one used if in 2 or more user groups.

The user profile photo can be checked by going to Members -> Groups -> Social -> Maximum profile photo storage size in the ACP and checking the setting (or at least that is my understanding for that setting).



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