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Guest Posts Suddenly


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I think we've always enabled guest posts, but almost nobody took advantage of them.

Did something change with 4.1.16 or re: guest posts, because suddenly we're getting a LOT of them. I don't know how I feel about them, either: are these people who would not have posted otherwise (good) that are posting, or are they people who would register to post but aren't doing that (bad) since they can just post as a guest?

Is anyone else seeing a sudden increase in guest posts? Do other people allow guest posts?

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2 hours ago, Joy Rex said:

I don't allow guest posts as it encourages people to behave badly, and gives them no incentive to become an actual member.

Thanks (and I disagree; there are still incentives to join), but that doesn't answer my question. :-)

I haven't changed any settings, but suddenly, we're getting multiple guest posts per day since installing 4.1.16.

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