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Uploading pictures. Showing twice?


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Hi Guys

Probably a setting somewhere as it doesn't happen here...

If I add an image inline from an attachment that I've uploaded.

It appears where I've had the cursor as you'd expect but it also shows at the foot of the post?

So you see the image twice?

Anyone got a clue?


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20 hours ago, texterted said:

Oh well, that didn't work.


I'll have to send in another ticket!

Probably best if you can reproduce with the default theme on your own site but not here. :) You could try a different browser to see if its browser specific although that seems unlikely for this kind of issue.

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There's a few things going screwy with the CK editor on that board.

One member can't type the letter i or it locks the editor for him? One guy can't even get on the board as it hangs loading at this.


The hangs on loading issue had a ticket on it but no one else (including me) could reproduce it?

Very strange....

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