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Blocks: Inconsistencies over different applications


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I have noticed that there is a big inconsistency with the placement of blocks from the forums over other applications. Normally a Application will have an Index, Category Listing and Article page, in the case of the forum, Index, category and topics. When I want to place a block, I can place them independently on a page. For example, I can place a Topic listing block on the index, A Poll Block on the Category listing and a Popular now on the Topics Page.

However, this is not the case for other Applications. Pages for example, if I place a block on the main index page, it is displayed everywhere throughout that Application. This kinda defeats the purpose of of having an article management system and blocks. Unless I am missing something here, or this is a bug, the way blocks are dealt with in Pages, this Application is pretty much useless to me right now. I need to have different blocks on different area of this Application in the same way we can with the Forum.

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