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Approve Followers?


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Not sure if this is the right subforum to ask this, but the question may apply to both, IPS and third party developers.

I've seen some threads with robust discussion about the need or not of more privacy features in profiles. There was a hook for 3.4 that I used but it was based on the Friends system. With Friends gone, the way that third party hook worked is also gone.

Would IPS consider incorporating something like "Approve Followers" on a per member basis? (like it was done with Friends on 3.4, where you had the option to manually approve each request or just let anyone befriend you). Imagine that whoever chooses to manually approve Followers' requests would also have his/her profile only seen by the approved followers (apart from admin & mods).

Is this also something that anyone have thought as a third party plugin or app? (In case IPS is definitely not going in that direction)

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Great work, Dawpi. Just a question, can the user select whether approval in general is needed or not to follow him/her? I ask because while I imagine many wanting to approve all followers requests, others may not want to be bothered and let everyone follow them instead.

Either way, the day I upgrade to 4.x I'll get this. :)

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