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Chat enabled, cant find room anywhere..?


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I have a licence for the forums, not the full community deal...? I don't think I have a menu manager, but the chat module shows up in the ACP.


8 hours ago, Nathan Explosion said:

It's as simple as enabling it for all (turning 'application online') or enabling it for some groups (by selecting the specific groups) - and then it appears.

So....what's different for you? Post your URL...make chat visible to guests (and post a screenshot to prove you have done that) and we'll go from there.


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Accessible, so it is just a matter of it not appearing in the menu. As it's supposed to, then it's possible that it could be down to the theme (looks like the default, is it?) or it may have been deleted from the menu manager already (you do have a menu manager - open the ACP and look at 'System -> (Site features) Menu Manager') or maybe the option in the Menu has been modified to only show it to certain groups too.

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