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Issues with male/female word strings

Gabriel Torres

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In languages other than English, words have gender, and this causes a problem with some word strings. For example, I am currently having issues with:




These default to "Add new %s" or "Create new  %s."

In Portuguese, "new" can be written as "novo" (if the noun that follows it is male) or "nova" (if the noun that follows it is female). So, without knowing the gender of the noun that follows the string, the default phrase potentially creates a grammar error. For example, if we translate the string as "Criar novo %" ("Create new %s" - male version) but the noun is female (e.g., "Notícia" [news -- a female noun]), we end up with "Criar novo (male) notícia (female)," which is grammarly incorrect.

I solved the issue by simply removing the word "new" from such strings.



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