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Captions for images in articles/posts


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I really miss the ability to add a caption to images I insert in articles. Sometimes you want to add a description or comment to a photo you add to an article but there is no such option.

It would be great, if there was an option to "attach" some text to the inserted image.

The newspapers and most online news outlets have this and it's really something that would add to the Pages appeal.

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Since Pages uses just the regular attachment function, I would suggest to make that a global feature, which would work everywhere attachment images can be placed. Just add it to the image options, which open when you double click the image in the editor. And as soon as the “caption field” is filled, the image gets a DIV wrapper with caption text placed under the image. If the field is not filled, it behaves like it always has. Should be easy to do and would indeed be very useful in Pages, Forums, and Blogs. 

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