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Self-destruct messages


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Hi, ladies and gents

Would be nice to have the option to set a timer (initiator can set it ) for messages to self-destruct. Why? Because in real life no one is recording the conversation you have with someone, so why should be the case in the virtual world.self destr.png

I don't know what is planed for IPS 4.2 (more social inclined as I've heard), but another thing that would be sweet is:

  1. members hawing the option to block access to their profile for certain groups, even own group. 
  2.  Social circle/friend list - option to forbid Messages(PM) and hide certain profile content  for those not in the list. These settings can be locked (per groups) in ACP so that users cant change them.
  3. Recent Profile Visitors not publicly visible
  4. improved member list, filters.

These features would make this platform suitable as niche social, dating sites too.

Thanks :thumbsup:



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I would like to see this feature with PM, f.e.

  • automatically kill PM if it is not read during x amount of time
  • automatically kill PM if it is read during x amount of time
  • let member decide if PMs are killed or not... (possibility to set default value)

With this, we could send regular "bulk PMs" to members (which would be less annoying than email newsletters and also have some legal benefits in some countries). And it wouldn't let the database grow bigger and bigger. If you have thousands of users and want to send PMs to all, we don't want to waste server space

You might respond: use announcements!

No. We want the notification trigger, and members will have a look at the PM / information seriously.

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Follow-Up to the idea could also be a


What's this?

It's an announcement, which could be sent to selected groups or members or all members or...


actually is only one (1) single announcement (in terms of storage), that appears in the PM inbox of selected members (as link)


sends notification about a new PM.

This way, it's like a no-reply-PM for advertisement or important information. Maybe one, that is not stored in each individual mailbox (waste of space), but a single one for all that is just linked... 

If you have a look into big email provider portals, you'll get these "ads-emails" inside your Postbox/mailbox, if you are logged in online, but not via client. These emails are not downloadable. I mean something similar.

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