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Things that I miss in commerce


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Hey there,

first of all, I am new here, so if something of that is already possible be welcome to notify me. But as far as I know these things are not existing.

My First point is about Donations. It is nice, that it is integrated with the rest of the commerce application but there are two things that would be really nice:

  • It should be possible, to have a list of all Donators (that want to be listed) in the front end. It is always a good Idea to have the possibly to say "Thank You!" in public. (There has to be only a opt-out for some Donators, that don't want to be listed)
  • There should be a option to set someone in a group after Donation (maybe also time limited). This would also be a good option for the complete shop, for example to create specific customer groups for specific products (so that they can see specific forums, that others can't or something like that)

The second thing is about the support system. I think it is really nice but there are some parts that should be improved:

  • There should be a ticket number that should be added to all emails. After a customer sends an answer via email this email should added to the old ticket instead of open a new one.
  • The support should also be available from the moderatorCP. For example for forum problems or external problems it is not necessary that every supporter is administrator. It would make things easier to have it also in the moderatorCP.




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