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5 hours ago, All Astronauts said:

It is the standard PHP RecursiveDirectoryIterator function but it's hitting that directory and not having permission to open it. Either you, or your web host, has that web2/web/ directory locked /unreadable somehow. 

You are the first to report something like this so congratulations. I'm uploading 8.02 now which I think will fix it (added in an error check). After uploading the new version, go to tasks and manually run 


and see what happens.

Thank you @All Astronauts work fine with error message with new version



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Spacious ACP 9 released!

NEW! Favicon support restored for ACP pages.
NEW! Wipe Caches button now helps CIC users more by calling the CIC resync method afterwards.
Misc whatever, etc...

Favicon support is separate from your whatever themes favicons. You'll need to upload one (Spacious ACP settings, right at the top). I've included in the download, alongside the application file, the dark IPS logo converted to favicon format. All rights reserved IPS and so on and so forth; it's just a convenience - you'll probably want to use a color shifted version of whatever you use now (red is a good ACP favicon color...). Also, this is a LARGE favicon, appears about 1.4x the size of the IPS favicon you see in your browser tab when viewing this IPS site.

For CIC users, hopefully the Wipe Caches button is a bit more useful as I now call the CIC resync method after the caches have been wiped. This has zero impact on non-CIC users btw, the method only runs for CIC users. That CIC caching is pretty hardcore and often times new apps and plugins (and the hooks and settings they bring with them) take more than a few minutes to actually start working on the front end. This, hopefully, helps, but then again...

Also includes the usual tweaks and bits - you'll probably not even notice.

BTW, a couple of versions back I noticed that tablet and mobile view had no easy way back to the dashboard "homepage" for the ACP. No IPS logo or anything. I stuck that back in and linked to the Dashboard. Someone a few weeks back mentioned this in the feedback forum as needed and that reminded me that I never mentioned that I already did this here...

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Spacious ACP 10 released!

IMPROVED! Wipe Caches routine moar better.
NEW! System Overview widget now detects/displays RedHat, Centos, and Debian builds and versions instead of generic Linux if your server allows access to etc directory.
NEW! Database Overview Widget now displays database engine in use for core_search_index and current config for relevant engine variables.
NEW! Change background color of message information and message warnings.
IMPROVED! Refined login background image routine; no longer locked to your uploads directory.
Misc. CSS changes, fixes, etc

Marketplace description is funky; IPS Marketplace is dropping older screenshots and it's Sunday night and I've got other things to do than deal so expect a clean and sweep of the description in a few days - that means a notification for you if you are following it but nothing will have changed. Just FYI.

Wipe Caches is better.

For System Overview I'm just sweeping for the usual .release files in etc. If you have access and they are there, it'll get read, otherwise the usual. This is in the More Details popup.

Database Overview is still rough. The utility of it is little at best. If you have other databases running on your server its all the same information pile. That includes slow queries too. So at best it is just a derpy thing to keep you in the know. Anyways, It will display whether your core_search_index table is MyISAM or InnoDB, give you the relevant minimum character length set for searching, and if InnoDB display your memory and buffer stuff. Useful if you are on a server where changes happen - you can catch a glance and see that something is up.

The warning and bulletin banners now have adjustable backgrounds. I might have locked this down to the improved new version announcements toggle - if so I'll get this out in the wild for the next version.

The login background image stuff is now "normal", not that you may have noticed before. BTW, this, and the favicon uploads, do not have formal file handlers. I'm just piggybacking on core_Theme. That means if you change the storage location for theme files in the Files section of the ACP these two Spacious image files will not be moved. The files will still work if the original storage location is still good to go but long story short, if the images stop working just upload new copies and it will be fine.

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Would it be possible to add theme ID to the theme page?  I have to go into design mode every time I want the theme ID.  If not, no worries. 

You did a nice job with the plugin version, so I thought I'd ask. 

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For those not paying attention.

Otherwise, not released but Bluto got a dev build shortly after his post above that sticks theme id #s on themes in the ACP when not in designers mode.So that's on the way in the next version. That upcoming version is well in-dev right now, nothing I can just drop right now, things in progress, etc.

I do have Spacious widgets marked out in the dropdown now. Finally reached the point where even I got confused what was what.


You'll notice the Gallery widget has the four most recent images now added, along with category count which I can't fathom why I left off in the first place.

Database widget is gone - contents merged with the system overview widget.


Some donut charts added as well. The long debate as to how to best display memory sizes in readable terms continues. IPS has a filesize plugin based on 1000's, but nothing 1024. 

Using the plugin,sticking with 1000s gets you 45.9 or 49.28 GB reported for 48 GB of ram. No matter, if you hover over the amount the actual bytes or whatever is provided. And it is all correctly relative.

What else... the donut chart colors are based on your acp header color, or you can override. A nice matching detail that. BTW, when you hit the warning levels for memory or diskspace the charts go red.

Alexa has changed, they now update daily. The underlying Alexa task updates daily as well but this means I need to adjust some junk. Also I can pull in some additional details if they are available in the free API. But that widget is in my gaze. That and Redis seems to be a thing now so I'll prob add a Redis monitor or status widget too.

Other stuff, as I said, still poking this. Released whenever it's ready.

Didja see that other thing I did? Search result highlights are back, in Pog form! See the Marketplace entry or the more sensible among you who have Kitchen Sink can bask in it's warm, glowing warming glow.

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Just delete the widget from the dashboard. It no longer exists. All that stuff has been stuck into the system overview widget.

Regrettably IPS has not made any of the dashboard stuff robust. That means no longer existing widgets error out like that (not being automatically removed from the dashboard) and, even more fun, there does not seem to be a way to remove those now-gone widgets from the widget dropdown. I actually just hide the options with css.

Doing Black Fri updates right now, will follow up with the formal Spacious 11 announcement here tomorow

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I could sweep the settings that hold the list of live dashboard widgets and remove any ones I've deleted so no one sees that missing template error but I still have not found where the list of dashboard widgets is being written and held. I know how they are read and built up for the list in the Dashboard (I looked into sorting them alphabetically before throwing a tag on mine in that list) so one would think I would be smart enough to see why removed dashboard widgets linger about in the list. It's probably one of these xml/json files for the application that we're never supposed to touch when dev'ing. But, as I said, there is no formal "delete" thingy for removing a widget in the developers mode when working on an app. Just stuff for us to add them easily. I'll get it soon enough.


Spacious 11 Released!

  • Spacious Widgets now clearly marked in the widget dropdown list
  • System Overview modded with graphs, incorporated Database Widget, etc.
  • Users Online now a permanent resident of the Dashboard header. Clickable for details.
  • Option to display Theme ID numbers when not in Designers Mode.
  • Toggle off "visit site" text to show just the home icon.
  • Misc etc. and so on...

System Overview continues to expand. It has now swallowed Database Overview as the utility of that being up on the dashboard all the time was pretty much nil. I want that info but it's not really dashboardy. I'll pull some more database settings/stats in the near future for this. Memory and Server Diskspace now are graphed out. I've settled for memory on multiplying bytes by 1024 and then throwing to the human readable filesize IPS helper. It, as they say, is close enough, reports 47 on my 48 GB server, and it is the same amount the Rocket Chat server on the same machine reports in system stats. Maybe one day I or IPS will grind out a 1024 multiplier readable helper, maybe... The graphs here are just one color (plus the gray background) so I've locked them to your chosen header color but if for some reason you have a gray header you can set the colors for these graphs in the Spacious settings. Note these will roll ro red when you hit the critical levels - which you can now control as you like in the Spacious settings area for this widget! 

Users online up in the Dashboard header. That's going to be members and guests totaled. Click that. Pop up list of members and guests split out AND the first run at a bot list. This is slightly important: do not panic if it lists bots as Safari or Mozilla or something generic like that. IPS has a built in user agent processor and it is good but not foolproof or hyper-detailed. Bingbot might report as Bingbot or it might report as Safari. Dotbot WILL report as Unknown. And so on. I'll need to add some custom parsers and the like and my intent is to hyperlink bots (at least the known good guys) to their respective company's bot-explainer pages. This, like many things in Spacious, is a "now" thing. I'm not doing any historical tracking here.

Also worth noting is that for now this is piggy backed on the Spacious Members Online system task, which ran every 15 minutes but now runs every 10 minutes. That means unless you hit the task list and run spacious_membersOnline manually you'll need to wait 10 whole minutes or so (provided your site has traffic) before it will pull the online count. So no yelling at me. This is likely a placeholder until I decide how I want to pull this info going forward (I might just drop the task run time to 2 minutes or something like that - it's not a big deal database query after all) but for now it's fine.

As a result, the Member Statistics widget has been trimmed of the online stuff. Consider this widget under renovation, maybe renamed to Member Trends or something and give it a bit more (but do not expect a full historical stat package here)


I've got coffee in hand but Stage One is still burning. 

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After losing an hour troubleshooting something of mine on somebody's site, it turned out the bug was just an un-applied IPS silent patch.

What are those? Those be the things IPS does now in-lieu of releasing, and so on. Unfortunately, not everyone routinely uses the support tool to discover that there are patches available. We've got a dashboard - why not use it?

And so for Spacious, I am. 

If there are patches available for your currently installed version, a button will appear in the dashboard top row. Click it and a box will appear listing the items the patch addresses (in my lost-hour example it was a "search issue"). Click to apply the patch if you so desire. Permissions apply on the other side of that apply patch link. If there is an entirely new version of IPS, the button will not display - this is only for those silent patches - everything is returns to the usual big dashboard announcements. Also note that if there are patches, and you do not install them, and then a new version of IPS drops, the button will no longer display as there are no patches any more - the "fix" is upgrading to the latest version at this point.

The new updates button only displays when you have a 3rd party (non-IPS) application or plugin that has been flagged as having an update available. Same as above applies. If an update url has been provided where you can download the updated version, you get the green update button to take you through. If no URL is provided, that is noted, and you'll will need to track down the updated version wherever (the Marketplace I imagine for now). I'm tired so updates to themes will have to wait for another day before getting included here. No reason for it not to happen - all the same process.

FAIR WARNING! Not responsible for any version conflicts. If, for example, you are running 4.2.6, and a 3rd party update is flagged as having an update available, and you click through and just go ahead and download the thing and install it without reading any release notes saying it requires IPS 4.8 or something that ain't my problem.

This Spacious feature is to just get all those buried update notices front and center on the dashboard. Oh, and there is a task involved so after installing the new Spacious (when avail) nothing will display button wise for 12 hours or so, or just go into the tasks list (with the convenient Tasks button on your dashboard that you enabled with Spacious :) ) and run spacious_patchUpdates or whatever it is called to get going immediately.

Released soon. Mainly just sleeping on this though I do have "a day" tomorrow so this might slip to Thrs nite or Friday sometime.

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I'm glad the "lost" hour isn't lost anymore, since it's resulted in this nice addition.

I think most people only use the Support thing when they notice something's broken, which is a shame because some things might be broken for some user group, or for a feature they almost never use, but they might not know about it for weeks. IPS' decision to make these silent patches is, best case, an odd choice.

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Spacious ACP 12 Released!

  • That thing I did up a post or two.

Long story short is that IPS patches are checked for every 12 hours (as determined by your task running/cron). 3rd Party Apps and Plugins I'm just pulling what the default IPS update checker has already brought through - that task runs once a day.

In order for this stuff to fire away you'll need to wait 12 hours or so for my task to fire off or just run the spacious_patchCheck task manually.

I'll get themes included in the update checks for the next Spacious version. 

Oh, yeah, naturally, the third party stuff requires the authors to provide an update url that gets read by the system to flag out updates. Something I have yet to do... I really should do that (or one of a few already released for devs 3rd party tools to do this)

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I will need to do something after you apply the patch or upgrade the apps. For patches at least, none of the avail patch stuff resets - I'll have to do that somehow... Otherwise the button stays, and curiously (not my end) the patch is still there for applying. If you hit the IPS updatecheck task, and then my updatecheck task everything resets fine. These are not full on methods though so how I tackle this will depend on which way I want the wind to blow. 

Update: I've got this sketched out and as long as the end of the various update routines do what they should I'll have this patched tonight sometime.

Update 2: Well this got weird in a hurry. Barring a D20 sanity check failing I think the core long version number isn't updated after patches are applied. That makes removing the patch button slightly more annoying. Mostly a curiosity in the end as I can just wipe my setting that tracks this post-update. Just... really unexpected.

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Spacious ACP 12.1 Released!

  • Improvements/Fixes for new Dashboard Updates feature.

This was way more of a pain in the posterior than it should have been. Never expected IPS patches to not increment the Core long version but here we are. Anyways, these should all be "fine" now. Tested by and large. Only hitch might be my running my task: a) separately from the IPS update checker and b) running it every 12 hours. There's a small possibility of an update popping up again but I think this is fine. If it happens I'll just hook onto the official updatechecker task and call it a day.

That said, this update will reset my stored update vars so once again you'll need to either wait awhile or run first the IPS updatecheck task, and then the Spacious patchcheck task or whatever I called it.

Also the update links (if present) in the popup for 3rd Party apps/plugins are now target="_blank" so as to not hijack your ACP browser window.

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I noticed an update uploaded today for this (as well as Kitchen Sink) but I don't see any difference in the Version number. Is it because you changed the pricing model that we get this notification?

Also, if the pricing has changed, is it safe to assume that the renewal price when we purchased this will remain the same and the new pricing is only valid for new purchases?


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Nothing changed. Lindy shot me a message that screenshots were borked so I just uploaded new ones. This seems to happen every few months probably related to backend changes they make to the Marketplace and the CIC hosting stuff. As for "updated" files, this is a Downloads problem as technically just updating the description means the "file" is updated as the file is the Downloads entry, not the actual download itself. The ACP update notifications are coming for my stuff so that will hopefully mitigate this in the future.

You're stuck with the added $2 on renewal fees. Won't be going any higher though (honest). Those changes were a few months back. Grandfathering might be an interesting Commerce mod though. 

No new dev on this until the new year. I'm currently out and about in El Paso, TX through the 29th and get in dev time when I can as "my time is not my own" and so on and so forth...

Searchlight users (including of course KS folks) I've got a tweak inbound. I totally spaced that Pages blocks are also "widgets" . So, if I try to not inadvertantly highlight junk in sidebar widgets I could also be removing highlights from Pages DBs, etc. It depends on how the end Content pages are created whether this is broken. Still testing here and there to be sure I get it mostly right before releasing.

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Heading this one off at the pass. The new patch/app upgrade feature? Confirmed fine on 4.2.6, confirmed broke on 4.2.7 betas. 

EDIT: I have no idea why it worked before, and yet it did. Arrays, multidimensional, objects, and lack of coffee/bourbon are probably to blame for, I dunno, something?

Spacious ACP 12.2 released!

  • Fixes or better doing of or ??? of the Patch / 3rd Party Updates Dashboard thingy.


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