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Commerce: Custom Package Field Types


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I'd like to suggest making custom field types the same across the suite.

e.g. You can add regex validation to a 'Text' field in Pages, but not Commerce packages.

For my purposes, I primarily just need to be able to validate 'Text' fields via regex and length for Commerce packages, however I think unifying the 'custom field' functionality across the entire suite would be a good idea.

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Hoping this will be in 4.3.

We run a site that sells automotive products where the vehicle's identification number is requested.  Being able to validate a custom package field (VIN) via regex and length would save us that much more manual process when incorrect VIN numbers are supplied.  The kicker for me is that these options are available already elsewhere in the suite, even within Commerce itself! (Support Settings --> Custom Fields) .  Arrrggg. lol

P.S. - apologies for the "necro post".  I feel this is still a valid request so I figured I'd reply to it instead of starting a new thread.


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