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Amazon Cloudfront CDN

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I've googled this and havent really found any idiot proof instructions... although some say it takes a second, i seem to be flustered.

I have cloudfront but i dont think its working on my site at all. I went ACP>files>configuration>addnew>filesystem>custom url> pasted in my custom url for cloudfront.


Yet site seems just as slow as ever. What may i have missed or better, whats a good mini guide pref with examples to get this right ?

thank you

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On 10/30/2016 at 0:11 PM, SteffM said:


I have a IPB comm. running on AWS without cloudfront atm but we do use S3 for all of our assets.

What is your site URL, I can have a quick look to see if your cloud front is set up correctly

@SteffM do you have any instructions you would be willing to share.  I'm trying to install Virtual Hosts on AWS Ubuntu EC2 Instance using an Elastic IP but not having any luck.  I was successful in getting a Joomla website up using AWS Amazon EC2 Instance using an Elastic IP but really want to use Ubuntu and virtual hosts and then utilize the S3 buckets for storing images, downloads, etc.

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