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PLEASE provide ascending OR descending alpha sort?


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I can't help but be frustrated by the fact that when one sorts articles by title, the only available option for alphabetical sorting is ascending order, i.e. articles starting with A at the bottom of the list.  This is extremely counterintuitive for those of us writing wikipedia/dictionary style database articles, where by default the majority of (if not all) people would appreciate the option to sort in descending order so that the list begins with A and ends with Z at the bottom.  I'm no coder, but it doesn't seem like much to add given that one sort order is already in place...?

So pleeeeeease could the option be added to articles for the user to choose an alphabetical sort order?  Additionally, it seems as if Downloads and Gallery only have descending sort order where Articles has ascending.  I think all modules in the IPB Suite should allow the user to choose which alphabetical sort order they want for what they're viewing.

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