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Ability to feedback moderation to user more simply?


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If a users content is moderated, the "reason for edit" cannot be seen by the user.

If the " Show that the message has been edited" box is ticked, it is shown to everyone.

So we currently have two options:

Show to admins only
Show to everyone

Can there not be a third option to only allow the users whose content is being moderated to the see the reason for the edit?

Along the same line, if that third option is selected, having that sent as a notification or PM to the user automatically would be easier than sending a manual message.

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Will wait to see if @Lindy replies to this or the other thread.

Something like is definitely needed though as a core feature. Kind of like having a toolbox with only half the tools to do the job at the moment regarding moderation and moderation is a very important part of managing a community.

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I am currently working on a hook that will allow you to send a PM to the user and create a topic in a specific forum for moderators for my own forum. Basically it works of the warning system reasons which you can select as the reason for hiding the post, also it allows you to give a detailed explaination to the user and a note to admin and mods (Moderator topic).

FYI, it doesn't work with deleting posts, only hiding them.

It is pretty specific for my own forum, but you can modify the templates/language for your own use. I have some more testing to do, but should be close to working in the next few days, if you would like to test it out?

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