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Changing background colour in posts


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Is there anyway to let members set the background colour or add a background image in posts in the wysiwyg editor? Maybe there is some kind of editor you can get as a bbcode and insert it? Would be awesome if it was posible.

And another thing, I have made a custom bbcode which is meant to be a button. The html code is following 

<a href='{option}' class='ipsButton ipsButton_important'>{content}</a>

However, when I press the icon setted for this code in the wysiwyg editor nothing appear. Apparently I have to write the text and then select it to then click the icon of the custom bbcode. The custom bbcode is meant to be as a Buy Now button. So a member will have to dubbel click the button after it's inserted and then insert the url. But when I press "Insert to Post" it appears as a "Link text" instead as the button, any suggestions?

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