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Just want to add that when editing meta tags using live editor or in settings, would be good to be able to insert template logic like {$topic->title} and {$topic->tags} should you want to at least put something into the keywords meta field dynamically. Although google doesn't weigh keywords as much, they are still used elsewhere and can benefit seo with other engines. Right now the default is nothing. Maybe even use {$topic->description} and strip out common words or something like that.

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9 hours ago, Dll said:

Meta keywords????

Have we been transported back to the year 2000? They have zero relevance to seo now (at least in a positive sense).

Yes and they do have relevance to traffc from sites other than Google that still use meta keyword tags. Have a read http://www.digitalmarketingmaturitymodel.com/in-2017-should-i-be-using-meta-keywords/

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