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Contact Us Form Question and Answer Challenge


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First, I would lke to say that I really like the "Question and Answer Challenge" for SPAM prevention.  I have never liked the idea of sending people's devices to third parties like Google for reCaptcha as that opens up tracking and data collection which eventually could help Google or others steal or sell off my leads (or any other third party).

So, I would like to suggest that you add the option to use the "Question and Answer Challenge" on the Contact Us form (linked in footer) for guest or non-logged in users.  As it stands right now, the contact us form is unprotected if you are not using a thrid party CAPTCHA (and maybe that does not work either, don't know - won't use it).

If I am wrong, and there is a setting I am missing to turn on the "Question and Answer Challenge" on the contact us form, please correct me and let me know.



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