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Security Questions on specific forums

PK E 12

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@Charles for security reasons on certain forum sections that you choose. Can you make it so where when the user tries to go into a forum section, they must type in the security questions that they set. That way if a hacker logs into one of my members accounts they won't be able to access any forum sections to steal information without knowing the security questions. *Also make it work as a cache so they don't have to keep retyping their security information in everytime. that would get annoying* This would be a huge step into account security for my clan forum.

We have been dealing with topics being leaked out to other clans due to this issue for years. This would give my clan save tons of heartache.

And can there be an option to let certain ranks know who has the security questions enabled and who doesn't? So we can keep track of that.

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18 hours ago, Adriano Faria said:

Wouldn't be this the same of type a password, which already is a feature?


No.. because some forum sections don't require a password and having this feature will help secure forum sections. The only forum passwords that clan's use on their IPB sites are the admin forum sections that only ranks can see. Plus there are member forum sections that guests can not see but members can, so I would like it if the security questions would work on any forums sections that we choose.

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