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More Filters For Pages Blocks

Ohio Guns

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The Pages app is pretty wonderful and could be an extremely powerful CMS like solution as well as a solution for a lot of other things like classifieds, directories, and more. We all already know that. However the level of customization available to the block filters is a little lacking imo. We need a little finer control over what content its blocks are grabbing and displaying and to who.

1. I suggest implenting the "permissions"  tab to all/most blocks, especially the WYSIWYG editor. This fine control would allow for the display of different content based on if the user was logged in or not. Currently, I have to do this with a template edit to show two different block regions entirely (One that displays for guests, then another for members). Not a terrible work around but for convenience it would be nice to do it inside the block.

2. More filter options for database blocks, especially when returning records. This is essential for CMS like systems to prevent displaying the same links to content more than once. For example I want the top of my page to be a "News Layout" that will display say 3 articles from 3 different categories. Below that I would like a feed of those categories displayed in 3 different blocks with the first record being skipped from above.

3. Block layout templates - The ability to save block layouts to easily import/export them for other pages. For example I would like the same block layout applied to 3-4 different sections of the site and it'd be nice to have that layout saved, push a button and then its applied to any new pages etc.

4. Custom CSS class selector in the block setup - Pretty much self explanatory, but ti'd be sweet to be able to apply custom CSS classes to blocks during setup. that way I can easily style blocks, or apply the same style to multiple blocks.

Thats all I can think of for now. But I'm about to dive in to making this CMS so I'm sure I'll have more soon. If any of these features already exisit hopefully I can find them.

Thanks for making pages pretty awesome.

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