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Where to download default smilies pack?


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Hi! This is probably obvious, sorry about that, but where can I get the default smilies for IPS4? I don't have them since I converted from vBulletin5 and it took the smilies from there instead..

I guess they are in the IPS4 download folder as well, but couldn't find them in there. (Didn't know where to look, theres a lot of stuff in there! :P).


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I did create one for 3x to do this as they were (in that version) not a regular xml file they were manually inserted by the installer.

For IPS4, if you have download access then it rather than me write something it may be easier to simply take them out of that .zip itself and upload them as normal. You will find them in the following inside the .zip:

/ IPS Community Suite / (random name) / admin / install / emoticons

You'll likely want the normal named ones the 2x ones are obviously a bit larger.

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2 minutes ago, Joy Rex said:

@AndyF - now that SVG support in browsers is fairly broad, are there any plans of offering SVG emoticons as an option? They would be a good way to future-proof our ever-increasing screen resolutions on devices...

I'm not actually aware. :)

You would be best to ask / suggest this in the Feedback forum really so a member of Management or one of the developers can answer you.

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