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Send Customer data to Stripe


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Well, I guess this was pushed through, while some of you are celebrating I am DEEPLY CONCERNED.

The issue is with description of product, there are MANY key words that Stripe searches for that could inadvertently cause them to audit your account and place a hold on it.  For example "Membership", "Subscription".. Stripe wants to manage that on their side. There are many more examples, they have a huge search looking for trigger words in these descriptions. You never know what might get them drilling down and start causing issues. 

LESS IS MORE if you want to keep Stripe off your back and out of your account. This product description thing can lead to big problems!

Will we be able to put a generic description to send Stripe... PLEASE???


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IPS didn't mess anything up. IPS made a GREAT commerce system that works with many gateways. They can't be responsible for making sure WE are adhering to every policy of every payment processor. It's up to us to know the rules. Commerce does what it's supposed to do. It's not going to monitor all our activities to keep us safe with each processor. That would be way to hard, plus the rules change all the time.

Just because Stripe hasn't bother you yet, doesn't mean they won't in the future. Believe me, these guys are militant strict and try to find every chance to crack down. (not just Stripe, paypal.. all of them) That's why I am not happy about this. I want them out of my business as much as possible.

Less is more. As far as validation, I was told about it by the stripe representative when I was first setting up and I tried to also include one of my other sites. I was rejected for this very reason.

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5 hours ago, superj707 said:

Believe me, these guys are militant strict and try to find every chance to crack down.

Ca you clarify what it is that they are being strict about please?  I currently use Stipe through different systems for selling memberships and event tickets and all of the other systems that I use send product information to Stripe.  To date I haven't had any problems so I'm just wondering what it is that they have challenged with you? Thanks.

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