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Assigning points to people


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I was wondering if there is any way you can easily assign points to large groups of members.

My (gaming) community has a training once a week and I would like to assign points to each member that attends, lets say I have 60 members total and 50 of them attend, I would like to assign those 50 an attendance point and maybe the other 10 a missing practice point. Is there some way to easily do this? Perhaps a list of members where I can +1 or -1 a point? Or is there something available on the marketplace that can be used for this? 

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You would first need a points system, which is not built into IPS.  This can be achieved via Basic Points by @Mike John or Points Economy by @Kevin Carwile.  

Between the two, Points Economy is a much more flexible system that ties into his Automation Rules which you can use to build automated rules that give or subtract points based upon community events or triggers (eg. if members RSVP to one of your training events on IP.Calendar).  


Based upon my understanding, there is neither an easy nor direct way to accomplish what you want.  

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